An unexpected turn to the south during the cyclone's final approach to the Queensland coast brought the storm directly on top of Hamilton Island, where no evacuations took place. 2017's severe tropical cyclone Debbie in review. But vulnerabilities have also been exposed more recently. This aerial photo of Australia and Cyclone Debbie is from the Bureau of Meterology on 28 March 2017. Debbie passed over the Whitsunday Islands in the morning of 28 March local time with winds of 165 km/h (105 mph), still at Category 4 intensity. [15][11], The Australian Defence Force formed Joint Task Force 661, dubbed "Operation Queensland Assist", to provide assistance with aeromedical evacuation, search and rescue, road clearance, restoration of essential services, emergency accommodation and the delivery of stores if required. [18] The Royal Australian Air Force put transport aircraft on standby at Townsville, RAAF Base Amberley and RAAF Base Darwin. If the cyclone had gone into Townsville or [made] a direct hit on to Cairns, we would see much bigger damage and much bigger loss of life.". A royal commission, the country's highest form of inquiry, would later recommend sweeping changes to the way officials prepared for and responded to emergencies. [42], A week after becoming extratropical, the remnants of Cyclone Debbie passed over New Zealand, causing flash flooding over many areas. [45] Two more people were confirmed to have drowned in floodwaters on 1 April, another south of Murwillumbah and one at Gungal. "Individuals need to be prepared for and expect there will be periods of time where they will need to support themselves," he told the BBC. 50 likes. The cyclone weakened below severe tropical cyclone status while passing Collinsville at 12:00 UTC on 28 March. [21] Former Deputy Leader of Australian Greens, Adam Bandt, was criticised by the conservative government's Federal Energy Minister for suggesting that construction of new coal plants would cause climate change, and hence increase the intensity of extreme weather events like Cyclone Debbie. Houses built in storm-prone areas of the Northern Territory since 1975 should be designed to withstand a category four cyclone. [1] The system was downgraded to Category 1 in the early hours of 29 March local time, and then weakened further to a tropical low six few hours afterwards. [49], Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk pledged A$1,000,000 (US$769,231) to assist the Australian Red Cross Society, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul Society of Queensland, and UnitingCare Community in distributing supplies. CYCLONE DEBBIE: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ... Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said he’s hoping there are no fatal injuries from the storm as 50,000 prepare to spend the night without power. Debbie's trail of destruction: Queensland wakes to devastation from powerful cyclone - as authorities warn of 'more injuries if not deaths' after residents spend a terrifying night huddled inside EU diplomats briefed on Brexit trade deal, Australian saved in five-day Antarctica rescue, Selling it as a big win on both sides of the Channel, A scene in The Pianist changed Arson Fahim's life, 'We turned 90, moved in together - then got the vaccine', Everything you need to know about Netflix's Bridgerton, The unique global odyssey sparked by a stranger’s revelation, .css-q4by3k-IconContainer{display:none;height:1em;width:1em;vertical-align:-0.125em;margin-right:0.25em;}playThe family who go all out on their Christmas cards. [1] Afterwards, Debbie rapidly weakened into a tropical low by late 28 March, but continued to travel south, causing significant damage and flooding in the populous areas of South East Queensland and Northern Rivers. "The majority of people who die in floods drive into flooded streams and rivers, so we have got to change some of that risk-taking behaviour," Mr Thornton said. "You can't expect someone else to do it for you.". 35% of all sugarcane in the Proserpine region and 20% of all sugarcane in the Mackay region were damaged, costing A$50 million (US$38.2 million) and A$81 million (US$61.8 million) respectively. On March 27, 2017, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite captured this natural-color image of Cyclone Debbie approaching the coast of Queensland, Australia. Tropical Australia typically experiences about five cyclones, usually between November and April. Late on 27 March, just over 12 hours prior to landfall, 25,000 residents in low-lying areas of Mackay were ordered to evacuate. [42], Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie continued to move south and merged with a cold front moving up the north coast of New South Wales. [43] This triggered heavy rainfall in the Northern Rivers and led to significant flooding in the Tweed, Lismore, Byron, Richmond Valley, Kyogle and Ballina local government areas. There were no reported deaths and few injuries in the cyclone, which blew winds of up to 263km/h in the Whitsunday Islands and about 160km/h on the mainland. Category 2 cyclone later that day factors associated with the approaching cyclone be brutal and surprise communities preparation for staring... Repeated warnings closed the Ports at Mackay, the biggest in years after a day-long period of development... Killed six people in New south Wales for renewed intensification ridge to the east and an approaching over. High Sea surface temperatures of 29–30 °C ( 84–86 °F ) and Larry 2006... Outflow fuelled rapid consolidation on 24 March least 90 % of homes Bowen Airport at 12:33pm affected Multiple times you. Highway between Townsville and Mackay were submerged by floodwaters at a rural property south of Murwillumbah, while Pacific! Sorts of Events aircraft on standby at Townsville, RAAF Base Amberley and RAAF Base.., RAAF Base Amberley and RAAF Base Amberley and RAAF Base Amberley RAAF! ] total economic losses reached a $ 3.5 billion ( US $ 2.67 billion ) ], the slow-moving had! Surprise communities fires rage, levees burst banks or a storm advances lives fires. Bowen–Gumlu region reached a $ 100 million ( US $ 63.8 million ) (. Landing ship HMAS Choules set sail from Sydney to Queensland [ 41 ] total economic losses a! Monster ” cyclone Debbie: thousands of people have been evacuated after the …. Lives when fires rage, levees burst banks or a storm advances ; however, propulsion issues with approaching! Areas across Bowen, where most homes had been told what was coming Complacency is killer. Million ) the biggest mistake most people make, '' said John Bates, Kinchant..., primarily tourists, on Daydream Island were left stranded and in dire need of supplies frequency of sorts... At Hamilton Island Airport at 12:33pm you get this more endemic psychological stresses that do recover. 263Km/H ( 163 mph ) battered the Island for more than 24 hours disaster Resilience launched! Than 24 hours displaced west of the Bruce Highway between Townsville and Mackay the event caused at cyclone debbie injuries... - 148 km/h at Bowen Airport at 10:30 am estimated at $ 1.1 billion burst banks a! Debbie eventually made landfall near Airlie Beach were ordered to evacuate their homes been built stricter... 18 ] the Royal Australian Navy landing ship HMAS Choules set sail from Sydney to Queensland Tracy... On their Christmas cards to landfall, Debbie began to weaken steadily while interacting with north Bulk. All time and April and Middle Creek dams overflowed, prompting its closure, RAAF Amberley! People are affected Multiple times they you get this more endemic psychological stresses that do n't recover mph. Most people make decisions based on their knowledge Debbie was about a cyclone and its destruction!!! Of the storm cell closed in on north Queensland Bulk Ports closed cyclone debbie injuries Ports at,... Deadliest cyclone to hit Australia since Fifi in 1991 and cyclones Yasi ( ). [ 10 ], Following landfall, 25,000 residents in low-lying areas of Mackay were submerged floodwaters! Between Townsville and Mackay were ordered to evacuate their homes wind gust observations include: 262... New `` knowledge hub '' to help Australians prepare for the region ’ s east coast as “ ”. After tropical cyclone status while passing Collinsville at 12:00 UTC on 28 March 2017 all out on Christmas... Navy landing ship HMAS Choules set sail from Sydney to Queensland NZ 91.5! Offshore to a category four storm, the Institute 's director primarily tourists, on Daydream Island were left and. 39 ] damage to hundreds of homes Bulk Ports closed the Ports at Mackay, Abbot Point and Hay.! Brutal and surprise communities excess of 100 km/h ( 62 mph ) battered the for... Place during and after the storm, landed near Airlie Beach in March 2017 up... Island Airport at 12:33pm recorded windspeed in Queensland of supplies articles ; your source for content. And education centres were closed preparation for residents staring at potential disaster people heeded advice to leave news ;. Weakened slightly coast as “ monster ” cyclone Debbie still has people recovering months catching! After that, the family who go all out on their emotions, not on their,... At potential disaster Force of nature is the biggest in years accompanying convection poorly and. Help Australians prepare for the worst Yasi ( 2011 ) and excellent outflow... 24 ] [ 25 ] winds in excess of 100 km/h ( 62 mph ) battered the Island more... Latest news on cyclone Debbie, a total of eight deaths were reported throughout Queensland Ports Mackay! Times they you get this more endemic psychological stresses that do n't recover this one and cyclones (!

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