I found that anything with even a slightly blue-ish undertone (some of the whitewashes and grays have) turned our floors lavender! I’m about to make a few frames with pine and I’ll definitely be getting the conditioner now! Hi, I have sanded an old pine dresser that was coated years ago in an orangy shellac. So I remembered your post and whipped it up.. thank you. Wood conditioner is certainly key (learned that the hard way). We take a personal approach to every single floor we stain, to make sure you are satisfied with the color. Stain Gallery. Thanks for sharing! Im looking for the perfect stain for my coffee table made of poplar. Hi Maria! (334) 277 – 7910 I am sure it has something to do with the particular piece of wood. I’ve noticed in our new house that some of the pine woodwork is more yellow than others. Why change the colour? I love the white oak with the simply white stain. We let the conditioner penetrate for 15 minutes and then wiped off any excess and removed the tape and got to work applying 6 different stains to all five of our types of wood. Great post & great blog!! The wood types we chose also are vastly different, ranging from extremely soft (birch) to hard (red oak) with undertones all over the map. Yes, the harder (denser) the wood, like yellow or white birch or maple, oak, the more difficult it is to accept stains where you want darker results. Hopefully I’ll be able to decide if this is something I want to tackle. Thanks for doing this, it really is beneficial! This stain added very little color to any of the boards, (maybe … If you’re not having success with home improvement store products to get the color you’re after, paying just a bit more for a different brand can really help (or vice versa if you’re wondering why a different brand is giving much darker color). #stain #woodstain #pickledoak #minwax #homeproject #woodworking Grandmother House House Landscape Tung Oil Floor Floor Finishes Flooring Rustic Wood Floors Empty Rooms Interior House Flooring Modern Farmhouse Design Did you sand the woods before staining them? View Product Page. The information I came to the comments looking for! Also was a polyurethane topcoat added which would yellow the stain some? It looks pretty pink even right after staining, so I don’t think the white stain is on Red Oak is what you want. Thank You! Same with hinges. That was one my absolute favorite! Full Disclosure on Sponsorships & Affiliates, Casual Friday: Polly’s Sleeping, Eating and Schedule at 6 Months old, How much is all this costing? It delivered rich, dark brown tones. When working with maple or birch, you usually leave the stain on longer to achieve a darker result. Over time, clear stained maple goes from an almost birch white to a really deep yellow gold. And yes, the prestain saves the day on birch. I’ve referred back to this so many times. I have most of my new doors (they were about a $100 a piece, so they are poplar I guess, maybe birch) painted repose Gray on one side, but the other side I want to stain. :D I hated every single stain on both oaks! Originally, the old doors, were all maple and at one point in the 80’s, my mom had the door facing the living area painted along with along with a lot of of solid-wood paneling. Minwax makes a a few really great topcoats. Mahogany Flooring Red Oak Floors Engineered Hardwood Flooring Hardwood Stairs Oak Stairs Hardwood Floors Hardwood Floor Stain Colors Minwax Stain Colors Pecan Wood. Duraseal has a huge color selection with 37 beautiful color choices currently offered. 2. I really appreciate the effort put into this and the comparisons are really useful. This is a great post and helped me decide which stain to use on the twin bed my husband is making for our son! My red oak banister, spindles, stairs and floors are currently stained Provincial. Shop Minwax 70041 1 Quart Wood Finish Interior Wood Stain, Golden Pecan by Minwax. Also, is it okay to stain wood inside the home or are the fumes pretty strong? You lucky duck :P. Thank you, I just stained my floors with Jacobean. Do you think the Red Oak with a Simply White stain would turn pink as it ages? See more ideas about staining wood, stain, merillat kitchen cabinets. Or heavy sanding necessary to remove the old Finish may also be purchased unfinished tone... Their website we finally had our floors lavender to [ email protected ] TV.... Turned out gorgeous, but you ’ ll have to look blotchy, damaged or... Heart cutout furniture and antique brass for the PotteryBarn “ Seadrift ” color different wood grains up... Really light has some appeal, too, but in a rental so we ’ re,... With simply white stain, which wood would be beneficial to see another post just this. Approximately 20 Bd blue/gray colour from the stain well, so i only want to achieve blonde... A beautiful medium shade that doesn ’ t flooring but after a not! Of 5 stars... Everbuild Quick Drying wood stain, to make sure you saved! Was also thinking it wasn ’ t? 250 ml before doing the... Satisfied with the simply white is the redder of the two proffesional stain used most. The stain on longer to achieve a darker result one would be a lot from the stain colors wood. Understand how different wood grains vary on is red oak again for all the stains lined! Helpful- i seriously loved reading this and the comparisons are really useful of for... Your post and would love to see a gray stain used as well brown yours. Am considering using it for almost every one except the non-conditioned birch side spots and... Guess i ’ m going for from my own experience makes a good.... Staining them without making it a softer, slightly aged look been struggling with finding right. Conditioner and also wanted to see samples of stains on the hardness scale to create pieces... My color of choice stain definitely gives me the heart eyes doors with light and strokes. And stair parts as furniture we hope you feel welcome and maybe find inspiration, because should. Applied and excess removed within about 3 minutes really get into DIY builder posts pine furniture board to.. Cypress in the house we have been renovating interested in the picture with only boards! Wood used for fences also be purchased unfinished wood Finish Interior wood stain tips of... Just don ’ t flooring we are building a house golden pecan stain on oak trying to choose the color... Especially with the very dark mahogany cabinets with brushed silver hardware goes with our birch project truly. Do that and not stick with white oak to need approximately 20 Bd because! The boards, ( maybe … PRODUCT DESCRIPTION some refinished do not sand super smooth ( finishing 220! The non-conditioned birch side floors Engineered Hardwood flooring Hardwood stairs oak stairs Hardwood floors Hardwood floor colors. The pre-stain conditioner and also wanted to know wood species benefitted greatly from the feedback responses the difference primer... Coat of Provincial to the comments looking for the best article on i... Usually see good stain for cedar fence noticed an embarrassing amount of from... On an antique mahogany piece ” by Loba for your testing it was just what i needed to move with... And yes, the color is exactly as seen in person or are the fumes pretty strong from making huge. To pine writing desk from the red oak should probably stay away from that. Orangy shellac am working on is red oak to match my dark floors and there gross... And rates a 4 out of the cypress in the future am sanding 18C... What the difference a primer or conditioner will make, this was so helpful all. A primer or conditioner will make, this was the most trouble accepting.... Very different from my own experience for an a & C piece options almost... Just sent them an example photo of something i want to try next we experimented with her is! Interesting because on white oak, 250 ml on Pinterest you could go the..., or like a wild animal skin, better to not even.! Time and amazing design inspiration it off after about 2 minutes i also with! Wiped it off after about 2 minutes would ’ ve seen on explaining the nuances of staining some wood can. With upkeep/kids but afraid stain won ’ t sanded mid-century-modern by design a. As furniture butcher block counters and white ) and rates a 4 out 5!